Race Review - Higashi Tanzawa Miyagase Trail Race


By Eric Lebrasseur

Today was the 10th Higashi Tanzawa Miyagase Trail Race, about 30km and 1500m of total ascent. There is more road than trail, but I knew it so there is no frustration. Actually there is a very good long trail downhill, really enjoyable because it’s possible to run fast but it needs full concentration, so you are really in the moment, just thinking about the next step. I did this race 3 years ago, and finished 6th in my age group which was the last position to win a prize. This is the unique time I won a price in Japan and as I could not do it anywhere else, I finally registered again this year.

This time I was 5th/186 in my age group. What a progress. However, 3 years ago, I was very lucky to be 6th because I was only 40th overall. This year with a 17th/502 position overall, it feels more “right”. Surprisingly my time was 2min36s slower. I guess that the sudden and fierce heat today explain the slower results.

I was happy because I had a bottle of wine for prize, while the 4th place had some tea (I don’t like tea). Unfortunately, when I got back home Yuki told me that it was grape juice…
I was really exhausted after goal, maybe even worst than after a marathon. The last portion of road in the heat, after a probably too fast downhill was hard. It was a road along the lake with many small ups and downs and not always protected from the sunshine. It’s runable and you have to run or you will lose a lot of time here. It was feeling like the end of a marathon where you know you can’t make you initial goal anymore but you are struggling to keep running in order to do a sub something…

Anyway, it was a great day. No nambanners there, but I met for the first time a Strava friend, Arai san (thanks for the pictures), that I should see again at Fuji Mountain race.
Bye the way, in 2015, I stayed in a hotel near Hashimoto station, because the first train was arriving only 5min before the shuttle bus departure. This time I took the rist and went on the morning of the race. It went well, so go and return in one day is possible from Tokyo.



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